Most popular sandbox plugin for wordpress


What makes this plugin unique.


We protect your theme from attackers who decides upload shell script, spam media and content and edit your plugin or theme while they access to the admin area and wp-admin


Tested by 300 visitors at a time and MassiveDynamic as a theme who trust us. each visitor see their own demo and never can access to the other visitors setting.

Full access to admin area

Launch a test drive to allow access your visitor to the admin area without username and password. Visitors can add, delete and edit posts, pages and users without any risk.

No VPS required

No need to access to the ftp, root ssh or something else. just install plugin and have fun. Works with all of hosting plans, such as regular hosts, vps, dedicated servers, etc.


What you get when install this plugin
Access your visitors to the wordpress admin area

Sandbox is an isolated computing environment in which a program or file can be executed without affecting the application in which it runs. “Test Drive Sandbox” is a plugin that access visitors to the wordpress admin area without username and password. Each visitor has own database, so other visitors see default theme that sets before test drive.

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